Dark Hope: Villians Shall Inherit the World

Issue #5: The Boston Trip
Third Mission (Part2)

Carnage, violence, and several witty comments of banter make comabt fun. I didn’t expect The Edge to show up like he did, I’ll ask about it later once all these drones and fishboys are dead. All in all it turned out to be a fun afternoon trip. Got to remember to get a post card.

Issue #4: The Boston Trip
Third Mission (Part1)

We went from a rainy afternoon outside Star City to a cloudy afternoon in Boston. Dr. D gave us a call out of the blue to do a rushed mission for him, sounded important since he would put us on his payroll if we pulled it off. He hadn’t been able to get a hold of The Edge to which we turned around and realized he wasn’t with us either. Tamox we saw had slipped off the rooftop and I yelled down to see if he was okay. Pok da Smasher said he was ok… That guy needs a football helmet… Currently though me and ‘Pok’ are about to cause some major destruction and carnage so all in all today is gonna be a good day.

Issue #3: This Ole Warehouse
Between Mission Interlude

Red and Black came over when I was working on the power source we had found. They said I was banging on it with a wrench, which I was. But they wanted to know what I thought I was doing since they didn’t see what it would accomplish. I explained that I was trying to see if it would pop open some adapter ports since I couldn’t plug in my Ipod or cellphone to charge them from any visible side. When asked if they had any bright ideas on it we came to the concensus that none of us had the apitude with science or electronics to fix or figure out the device. I came to the brilliant conclusion that we find a scientist that was smart enough to get it to work and have him show us how, then kill him so our location wouldn’t be revealed. Garok or Temox da Mighty this week (same guy just has a knot on the side of his head… guess he got knocked out again) meanwhile had found rats in the warehouse and had been taking the liberty to get ride of them by smashing them. Yeah.

Issue #2: Sewer Searching and Power Pilfering
Second Mission

A week had gone by and we had healed up from wounds, The Edge had skipped out a day or two earlier when I was putting up my new stolen Deadpool poster. We were wondering what to do since we were bored when Doctor Destruction came in. He said he was aware of The Edge being out dealing with a personal matter so he had a solo mission planned for him while he was gone. In the meantime he wanted us to find the power source of Terron, a technological genius from long before the invasion that was probably dead of old age by now. We’d need to find a device Dr. Destruction had left in this warehouse and he had someone to help us out this time around since none of us seemed strong enough to life the device. We were just surprised there was more stuff in the warehouse since we hadn’t really explored more than an area for rooms, meager kitchen, recreation area, and bathroom.

Issue #1: Jail BreakOut and In
First Mission

I’ve made some bad decisions in my life… Going to college to learn how to be a super villain was a good idea. Accruing a massive amount of debt in the process wasn’t the best of things. After getting my degree I was set to do much villainy unfortunately I had to do a couple jobs for my debt collector to start paying off my loan. Needless to say someone with a name like Debt Master might be great at holding the strings of debt on you like a puppeteer. Not so much for planning a heist though. That’s why I’m in the back of a prison transport. I’ve heard rumors that the lucky are put into manual labor for the rest of their super life. The unlucky are dissected after being probed… I’m hoping for information.


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