Dark Hope: Villians Shall Inherit the World

Issue #2: Sewer Searching and Power Pilfering

Second Mission

A week had gone by and we had healed up from wounds, The Edge had skipped out a day or two earlier when I was putting up my new stolen Deadpool poster. We were wondering what to do since we were bored when Doctor Destruction came in. He said he was aware of The Edge being out dealing with a personal matter so he had a solo mission planned for him while he was gone. In the meantime he wanted us to find the power source of Terron, a technological genius from long before the invasion that was probably dead of old age by now. We’d need to find a device Dr. Destruction had left in this warehouse and he had someone to help us out this time around since none of us seemed strong enough to life the device. We were just surprised there was more stuff in the warehouse since we hadn’t really explored more than an area for rooms, meager kitchen, recreation area, and bathroom.

The help was the guy from before from the look and smell of him but he didn’t look like he did before when he had pancaked on the ground from the fall out of the air transport. He kept explaining he was Garok not Grok but it fell on deaf ears. Dr. Destruction mentioned we might be able to find out from the Undergrounders where the liar of Terron was but he had no clue where they were so that’d be another part of our job as to find out. I remembered the Terron guy from classes, he was really a mechanical genius with robots really, kind of emotionless drones that went out and did all his heavy lifting really. Kill, maim, rob, steal… general chaos type stuff really. I figured that the Undergrounders being part of the resistance might know who Valerie was so we had an in if we wanted to ask nicely… if we didn’t ask nicely we could always threaten to melt their faces off… that should get people talking if they were the quiet type… unless it was the ones who had their faces melted off, can’t talk clearly without lips really.

Anyway we checked out the rest of the warehouse and eventually found the device. It wasn’t small or light, more old school 1960s tech if you watched sci-fi b movies. I asked Garok if he thought he could lift the item and he picked it up with only one hand. I stated we just needed to find a way down and about that would let Garok and the device down into the sewers since a regular manhole just wouldn’t cut it. We went by way of major waterway and easily found a way into the sewers. Black Cat asked if Garok would carry her but he scoffed since the tiny person with cat ears couldn’t lift heavy things or walk in stinky water which meant he was way more valuable to Dr. Destruction. I shrugged and asked how come she couldn’t just fly as I sat in mid air. She taped her cheek with an index finger and shrugged before muttering and flowed off the ground. With the device still in the warehouse it would kind of suck if we found the lair real easy. An hour later I was bored until I finally saw something. I pointed it out since we hadn’t seen or heard anything for a while. Unfortunately the gnashing and snarling plus stench coming down the tunnel as the three things got closer meant this probably wasn’t going to be good.

Seeing something that looked like a cross between a lizard and gorilla the size of a rhino had to wait as the beasts rushed towards us. Red Menace, Garok, and I took on two of them while Black Cat said she’d handle the other. Once the two on our side of the tunnel had been killed off we looked over to see Black Cat standing a ways from the other beast. It wasn’t dead but it wasn’t attacking either, she explained it could take us to the Undergrounders.

We eventually get to an area that was pretty dark and I pulled out my flashlight. When the locking and loading of rifles could be heard and someone ordered us to indentify ourselves I asked if Valerie was around. When asked about my relationship to her I explained it wasn’t ‘really’ a relationship, I was her savior and all form the aliens when she was captured but it’s not like she had ‘thanked me like that’. They radioed something and more guys showed up plus Valerie. I guess she was a bit embarrassed to see me and gave me the cold shoulder. Black Cat and Valerie talked about some things and she got out a map and showed Black Cat some area on the map so I figured it was where we were looking for. When Valerie gave Black Cat her number I figured out why I had struck out with the two of them. I didn’t meet the ‘gender specific target group’.

With a location though and a guide lizard we went out and got the device while Black Cat stayed with her new pet, Bob. With the device and everything else found out we made our way to Terron’s area. I said it’d be funny if he had a security robot still here guarding the place after all these years. It wasn’t funny when I saw the massive robot guarding the place. It was a rough fight but eventually we whittled him down. I had Garok cut on its head as a souvenir and we charged the device with the power source down here from Dr. Destruction. With that out of the way we got a telepathic message from him grumbling about us taking too long and that he’d contact us in the future. He did ask if there was anything else of value as I stared at the robot’s odd power source. I explained no out loud and waited for the transmission to end. I asked Garok to help me pull out the power supply in case it would be useful. Using my teeth to pry didn’t seem to be working but he hacked enough of the chassis off using the robot’s scythe arms to make it portable enough for him to carry with his free hand.

With our job down and spoils of battle we headed back to the warehouse deciding where to order takeout from. Most super villains don’t know how to cook, plus who has time to steal groceries and come up with meal plans?

3 XP awarded


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