Dark Hope: Villians Shall Inherit the World

Issue #3: This Ole Warehouse

Between Mission Interlude

Red and Black came over when I was working on the power source we had found. They said I was banging on it with a wrench, which I was. But they wanted to know what I thought I was doing since they didn’t see what it would accomplish. I explained that I was trying to see if it would pop open some adapter ports since I couldn’t plug in my Ipod or cellphone to charge them from any visible side. When asked if they had any bright ideas on it we came to the concensus that none of us had the apitude with science or electronics to fix or figure out the device. I came to the brilliant conclusion that we find a scientist that was smart enough to get it to work and have him show us how, then kill him so our location wouldn’t be revealed. Garok or Temox da Mighty this week (same guy just has a knot on the side of his head… guess he got knocked out again) meanwhile had found rats in the warehouse and had been taking the liberty to get ride of them by smashing them. Yeah.

Black didn’t like the idea since she pointed at a hole from where we were and you could look through to the rest of the warehouse and out a similiar hole to outside the warehouse, all readily available for anyone to crawl out of if they were kidnapped to work on an odd power device in a secret liar of villany. So with the idea of getting a research center on hold we opted to fix up the place first. We were in debate about how to do that when The Edge walked in eat a sub and asked what he missed. I asked where he got the sub and he told me. Murphy’s, never liked that place… they put mayo on all their sandwhiches… Not very good. I filled him in on what we had done the previous week while he was out about the power unit and the fact Black and our contact with the human resistance Valerie swung that way. He blinked several times before asking what else with a sigh. I told him we were thinking of fixing up the place and we were disagreeing how.

Thoughts of asking Dr D or his help to do it brought up the point more people would know where we were in the orginazation plus if they lurked around in the area they might draw unwanted attention that would show up after they left and having us lay low or get the newly established hideout blown up. We opted to secure the perimeter walls, redoing the fenceline, plus rebuilding the 2nd floor that had collapsed would be a good idea. But getting regular contractor construction guys to do it would be lower key. We found two companies and went with the smaller one since it looked like it’d be easier.

Robert Jackson was CEO of D3 (Docks, Docks, and Docks) Inc a guy in his mid 40s, married with 2 kids we found out from our investigations. Red found out his schedule and he even had a bodyguard, she didn’t think she was seen since they didn’t seem to take notice of her being around, I guess being invisible. The bodyguard supposedly lived at the house as well. Black thought it was enough to go on to work her magic. She left one afternoon for the guy’s office. She came back shoving things into her backpack saying we should probably leave for a bit if we were going to let them work and not let it get out we were staying there.

I heard another smash and Tomax laughing as he picked up something off the ground spun it over his head and slammed it to the crowd. We’d probably have to take him with us. I peeled my Deadpool poster off the wall put it in the tube stashed the power source and robot head in an air duct behind my bed and stashed my money and the rest of my things in my backpack and flew out of there. As we got to the top of a neighboring warehouse a bit aways trucks pulled up with contractors. I whistled. Black was pretty quick on results. I looked up absentmindedly and figured it would probably still be a couple days though. Cloudy…

“Well it’s great they’re going to fix up the place with some basics… where we going to stay in the meantime?” I asked seriously.

Technically we were now living on the streets.

Short RP session 1 XP Awarded


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