Dark Hope: Villians Shall Inherit the World

Issue #4: The Boston Trip

Third Mission (Part1)

We went from a rainy afternoon outside Star City to a cloudy afternoon in Boston. Dr. D gave us a call out of the blue to do a rushed mission for him, sounded important since he would put us on his payroll if we pulled it off. He hadn’t been able to get a hold of The Edge to which we turned around and realized he wasn’t with us either. Tamox we saw had slipped off the rooftop and I yelled down to see if he was okay. Pok da Smasher said he was ok… That guy needs a football helmet… Currently though me and ‘Pok’ are about to cause some major destruction and carnage so all in all today is gonna be a good day.

After getting out and getting onto a rooftop of a neighboring warehouse we watched the contract crew pull up and set into work pretty quickly. I asked if I could bunk with Black Cat or Red Menace at the motel tonight, they both immediately refused. They’re probably just shy about that kinda thing. Black Cat went off to check on the crew’s boss and left Red Menace, The Edge, Tamox (at the time), and myself to our own devices. As it started to drizzle I asked if anyone wanted to go do karaoke to get out of the ran. Red Menace said no in Russian and I think went to cursing under her breath in Russian. The Edge pulled his sword out slightly and squinted. Tamox said he liked to sing and he chuckled a bit. That idea was out.

Black Cat came back and we get a call from Doctor Destruction, he mentioned he had been trying to contact The Edge but he either had his comlink turned off or he had left it somewhere. I turned about to say he was with us when I noticed he wasn’t and Tamox was down on the ground below the warehouse roof out in the parking lot by the way he was sprawled out I guess he fell. Dr. D explained he had an assignment that would put us in as an actual part of his organization and we’d actually get put on the payroll as opposed to the meager allowance we had been given. Tamox explained aloud he fell and Poc da Smasher explained he would help Dr D with the assignment. It’s disturbing to hear a mental sigh from a villian after a comment like that. It kinda sounded like, I’m glad he’s with you people and not me since I would have already killed him. He explained we didn’t have time to look for The Edge and he needed us in Boston. Now. As the transport was on the way he explained the background intel and the mission.

After the invasion the President had been killed and the First Family had gone into hiding. His wife and daughter plus grandchild which got me confused and I started to ask what he meant since the first daughter… if that’s what you’d call her was around my age. It turns out a while back the villain Hydra had kidnapped her and demanded a ransom two weeks later. While they were getting the demands in place she was found a week later supposedly let go. A little under a year later she had a kid. The gears turning in my head I started to ask what I was thinking. Dr D cut me off saying he didn’t know and Hydra had gone missing after the incident, the President’s daughter didn’t know what had happened to him either supposedly. Who the father was didn’t seem to be open public knowledge either. I started to make a comment ‘she was a Mother I’d like’ was about as far as I got when Red Menace and Black Cat both smacked me in the back of the head in unison. I guess they didn’t want to share me.

In any event a Vasori Warlord by the name of Shovok had found out and was getting ready to take the first family out to the fleet for integration and most likely a public execution. Dr D would provide them protection in exchange for information they had. Shovok would have a handful of Fins with him and his personal bodyguards most likely. We didn’t have much time, the planning was left up to us but he began as a transport materialized out of stealth mode over us we didn’t have much time. The commute wasn’t that long, about fifteen minutes which was pretty fast considering, granted that meant we only had fifteen minutes to plan a rescue and extraction against several fins and whatever else they brought out there plus a warlord, I didn’t know if warlords were really good at fighting or just liked to start and command wars. With the contact info from The Driver he touched down to drop us off explaining he could probably get back to a drop zone for extraction in about two minutes.

About a mile south the transport touchdown on the outskirts of Boston Proper we had the plan in place so to speak, Red Menace would scout ahead, which later turned into her infiltrating the area which was an abandoned police station that had been commandeered to find the first family. Black Cat was going to disable the vehicles leaving Pok and myself to provide lookout and break stuff when it hit the fan.

What she did find was there were cyborg drones on the south, west and east sides of the building. From the north side she climbed the building and got into the building from the roof. Sneaking around she let us know there were two Fins inside, Shovok and two body guards as well with Shovok on a communicator arguing about something, bureaucrats, I spotted two more fins outside next to a fancy looking Mabuna Transport, probably Shovok’s, and a smaller manta fighter class ship next to it. I let Red Menace and Black Cat know we needed to move since they were doing stuff to the Mabuna, looked like they were getting ready for takeoff. Red Menace agreed since the bodyguards had moved off into another area she hadn’t gotten into yet, probably to get the prisoners.

I noticed Black Cat by the halfway and she kept stomping her foot and putting her hand towards the Mabuna. She looked a bit perturbed. Over the comlink in a harsh whisper Black Cat explained she had a problem, I put the comlink on speaker phone and asked if it was the two drones looking at her with very little cover around her. When she said yes I asked if Pok and me could break stuff now. When she said yes I said roger that and put the comlink in my holster with one fist out. Pok fist bumped me and I rubbed my hands together.

“Time to break stuff big guy.” I simply states taking to the sky. In the back of my mind I kind of wondered what it’d be like to jump in the manta fighter and unload death in destruction space alien style. I dismissed it since I didn’t even know how to drive a car… Glad I knew how to fly. Maybe we could steal it. Also how were we going to get the first family out of the area fast we didn’t have an fast vehicles except for our pickup. I was kind of overthinking things at the moment. Right now I just needed to break stuff.

Another short session 1 XP awarded.


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