Dark Hope: Villians Shall Inherit the World

Issue #5: The Boston Trip

Third Mission (Part2)

Carnage, violence, and several witty comments of banter make comabt fun. I didn’t expect The Edge to show up like he did, I’ll ask about it later once all these drones and fishboys are dead. All in all it turned out to be a fun afternoon trip. Got to remember to get a post card.

With the go ahead to start running havoc I watched Pok jump from the rooftop and land in a heap. Good thing that guy was tough and strong cus he was about as graceful as a drunk wingless swan I thought as he flopped to the ground. Yelling out to see if he was okay he said ‘Pok’ was fine, meaning he hadn’t hit his head.

He charged the two closest drone gaining a suprising ammount of speed in the process before he tried to smash their heads together. He roared at them to keep still. Nice move drones, play keep away with the slow, short tempered , really strong guy. I wouldn’t want someone to smash my head open either though.

I speed out over the gap between the buildings and hovered over the police station rooftop. Acid lightening and smokey ash filled clouds engulfed most of the drones next to the transport and one of the fins that had been looking around for the now hidden Black Cat. I was kind of disappointed the drones didn’t scream in agony as they writhed in pain, they were more of the fall over stop working kind. Doesn’t make you feel like you accomplished that much. The fin stumbled back out of the attack though and made his way to the safety of the transport.

Black Cat moved out of the area so she wouldn’t get shot at. The slightly homicidal surprised yell from behind me had me do a double take as The Edge popped up out of nowhere a set of cuffs on his wrists suspending him off the ground with some metal kind of tow cable. Was he swinging in on some magical or stealth rope thingy? What kind of power was that I thought as the cuffs popped open and he flew towards the ground grabbing for his sword and flailing to get his body read for landing. He landed gracefully on his feet behind the two drones Pok was fighting and started to slash at their metal frames. Over the commlink I heard The Driver saying he had picked up an extra and just dropped it off. It? If I didn’t know any better I think he flew The Edge here by way of tow line… Gotta remember to stay on Dr. D’s less evil side.

I refocused on my own prey and melted the fin outside and tried to damage the vehicle. No dice on the transport but the fin outside was fishsticks now. I was feeling pretty good uptil I noticed the Transport start to hover and the turret on top turned towards me. That got me a bit nervous since it meant trouble.

Pok in the meantime had slugged one of the drones in the head squishing it flat and now was holding it like a rag doll by the leg and brandishing it like a weapon. The Edge took out the last one next to him and Pok before the two got caught in a cross fire from drones. The Edge blocked most of the attacks reaching for a pistol but the focused fire had him run off to the side dive over the half wall for cover. Pok turned towards the larger ground dropping his weapon and barreled into the parked cars creating a Pok made car pile up squishing the duo that had been shooting from the south side of the building. Pok roared about them forgetting about him and how Pok parallel Pok’d them.

I blasted the turret and sped over to the vehicle. After making faces at the driver I finished flying around the vehicle to the side of it. I didn’t think he’d slam the back end down to drop me but if he did, worked for me since I could fly away and he’d just mess up the backend of the ship.. I yelled out to Pok ‘good one’ since I love a good pun.

I noticed The Edge was now wielding two pistols behind the wall as the turret realigned on him I didn’t have time for a blast on the turret so I just yelled to take cover. He hugged the wall as lasers shot out a discharge peppering the wall causing wall chunks to start flying around his general area. The next part took me for a loop though as the transport strafed away from the building sideways slamming my face against the side of the vehicle and kept me latched on as he moved away towards the vacant lot next to the police station. I heard explosions from inside the building but I had no idea what was going on as I held on. Hoped Red was okay.

I just needed to get into this tin can and filet me a fin. I hope the rest of the guys could handle the rest while I was busy.

XP Not Awarded (Saved until end of mission)


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