Dark Hope: Villians Shall Inherit the World

Issue #1: Jail BreakOut and In

First Mission

I’ve made some bad decisions in my life… Going to college to learn how to be a super villain was a good idea. Accruing a massive amount of debt in the process wasn’t the best of things. After getting my degree I was set to do much villainy unfortunately I had to do a couple jobs for my debt collector to start paying off my loan. Needless to say someone with a name like Debt Master might be great at holding the strings of debt on you like a puppeteer. Not so much for planning a heist though. That’s why I’m in the back of a prison transport. I’ve heard rumors that the lucky are put into manual labor for the rest of their super life. The unlucky are dissected after being probed… I’m hoping for information.

Looking at the other side across the transport to the set of prisoners I see two ladies one in red fatigues with an eye patch with a kinda rough face (still kinda hot though), the other has a hoodie on and seems to be muttering something. The guy next to me on my right seems to be the equivalent of a snake in human form ready to strike as he flexed one of his hands. The guy on my left yanked at his shackles and grunted straining against them. I inched closer as he muttered about ‘Grork being tricked and being too strong for the tiny bracelet that he would smash.’

I was about to egg him on telling him I thought he was too and that the guards had been joking about him being fat, dumb, and stinky… plus if it didn’t work he was probably a wimp and his mother probably was reaaally ugly. That’s when it hit me. Well his smell first, quiet pungent, I didn’t get a chance to gag though since the transport lurched and spun end over end until stopping and the doors ripped off the back. Jail Break! I paid attention during this class I thought to myself thankfully checking to make sure the first thing I saw wasn’t the barrel of a gun from our captors. I clamored out along with the rest to see none other than Dr. Destruction himself in the mist of blood and carnage. He grabbed our shoulder as we came out and put something on the cuffs. Before he could say anything I blurted out to free us. I have a bit of ADD.

He ushered us into another transport as we heard sirens and other hover transports coming towards us. In our minds he explained he didn’t really care if we died but if we did a job for him he’d free us. I agreed I didn’t really care what the job was I just wanted out of the cuffs since they nullified our powers… double crossing another villain was only done in bad taste but I figure it was better than being captured or killed. The platform under us jerked and the five of us fell out the back as the voice continued in our heads. ‘Agree to work with me or die… you have 5 seconds’ came the thoughts. ‘Yes!’ I thought and the cuffs busted off. Grork seemed to have trouble figuring things out and I yelled for him to just say yes before he became a big splat… it was like someone shoved an M80 in a large orange and green frog when he hit the ground.

We were suppose to rescue someone named Jack something I said yes too many times that I didn’t catch more than that. We plummeted through the ceiling and landed inside the facility so at least we didn’t have to figure out how to get inside. On a side note the girl in the hoodie had a tail coming out from underneath her hoodie… no I didn’t see her panties though. As we landed she went to all fours and then stood back up and cat ears twitched from her raven black hair as the hoodie fell back.

As we got up and put on our gear I looked around. I rubbed one of her ears and she squeeked and swatted my hand away I commented that they were real and she admitted they were with a scowl and ordered me not just touch them. I apologized before getting back on task.

“Well there’s a Jack around here somewhere… Jackie? Apple Jack? Jack Frost?” I said aloud to the group and the cells as I put on my gear. “Anyone know Jack? Or you don’t know Jack?” I said loudly. A cell with what looked like two business men and two professional night walkers asked for help. I asked if they had any money or could get their hands on some plus if they knew Jack. Since they didn’t have any money or info I just started ignoring them.

Someone hobbled to the door and muttered being Mind Jack before falling over. He seemed more mindless than anything else. I made the comment he seemed like his mind had been jacked and the girl with cat ears, Black Cat, muttered incantations the locks smoked a bit and she explain the door needed to be opened manually still since it was still locked. The other lady was still pulling on a dark red suit over her fatigues when I noticed them. Drones… well more like cyborgs I guess, half human half machine all emotionless automaton staring at us. The lady in red moved away from the door saying she couldn’t pick the lock. I tried pounding it with dark magic but it was pretty tough. The other guy pulled a sword out and struck the door or took a practice swing since it didn’t make a sound. he kicked the lower end of the door and it caved in as he ducked down and dragged out the guy we were suppose to rescue. Guess it wasn’t a practice swing.

We agreed to get to the courtyard to get out now was our next course of action. The rest of the prisoners started asking to be let free as well now as a laser beam sliced into the lady in red, Red Menace, and she swore possibly in Russian… or Polish or something from the region. I invoked the ancient powers into my foci and took to the air blasting two of them as I yelled we had company and we needed to get to the court yard.

I pounded the last two downing another one as several of the drones rushed from a side door and started shooting me up. Yelling out same team didn’t seem to do anything at first until one of them hit me and I laughed… then they swopped weapons and I got a little nervous when all the targeting laser assists converged on me.

I cursed as one of them connected but since I was in the air I just went limp and let it carry me back and down before regaining flight again, apart from a bit of singed outfit I was okay. I invoked another acrid storm of green electricity and ash around the five that were rushing in as Red Menace and Edge took the ones closest to them.

As they moved away from me towards the other two we cut more of the guards down as Black Cat yelled from the roof to hurry up to which we yelled back we were a bit busy. She mentioned there were more shooting at her and Jack from outside and it be a shame if he died. With the rest of the guards inside the facility down I was about to leave when I heard the desperate cry of a women asking to be saved. She was part of the resistance fighting the aliens she explained but her pleas fell on deaf ears. She then said she could pay for her release… I couldn’t let a fellow freedom fighter die in a place like this. I asked The Edge to free her since she might have contacts we could use in the fight against the aliens. I made my way up to the roof through the hole and reminded the Edge when he asked why he should care that she might have money… if not we could always just toss her out of transport when we leave.

I heard a clang beneath me as I rushed up and took cover on the roof and looked at Mind Jack who just stood there dazed as shots were volleyed from below. I sweep his legs from under him telling him to get down. I shot towards the edge of the build low to the roof and shot up at a nintey degree angle and lobs out another dark energy attack dropping the last two guards in the immediate area. BC grabbed Mind Jack by the shoulder and I grabbed the other and hoisted him down as the rest of the group came out the door and we meet in the courtyard. Valarie was the hispanic ladies name and Dr. D didn’t give us that much smack on saving a random civilian… I didn’t tell him about the money.

Dr D seemed mostly pleased and dropped us off in a slum until he needed us again I guess. I had Valarie get her pay up money right afterwards. All in all a good day I guess. No probing, I got some money to pay off my debt. Plus I was part of a super villian team, fyi super villian teams are 86% less likely to get caught as opposedly to new minor super villians. I made my way back to the group and the new abandoned warehouse that could very well be our new lair… I’ve never had a lair before… this was going to be sweet.


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